A piece of legislation that would make school snow days virtual learning days for students in New Jersey is close to jumping another hurdle.

I don't know how I feel about this proposal. Snow days are a rite of passage for kids, aren't they? I LIVED for snow days when I was a kid. Waking up to enough snow that school would be closed was the greatest feeling.

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But the successful implementation of virtual learning due to the COVID-19 pandemic has clearly influenced this new bill that has already passed the in New Jersey state Senate.

Senate Bill 464 would allow New Jersey school districts to go virtual for one or more days because of weather or a declared state of emergency, according to 6abc.com.

The proposal now moves on to the state Assembly for consideration. If approved by the Assembly, the bill would end up on the desk of Governor Phil Murphy who would have to sign it into law.

Now, I do feel like snow days happen more often for kids in this generation than mine in the 1980s. It seems like if snow even ends up in the forecast as a possibility schools make the decision to close. It doesn't seem to take more than the threat of a flurry. So, maybe there's a happy medium here in Jersey that would still allow for a few legitimate snow days.

We'd love to get your opinion on the matter. Vote below whether you're for or against snow days becoming virtual learning days.

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