It looks like the competition for affordability is on this holiday season.

Dollar General has announced that they are launching a new store called Popshelf. This new store will sell a variety of items and 95% of their inventory will be on sale for $5 or less.

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According to, The items that will be sold will include, "Dollar General's private brands, home décor, electronics, food, health and beauty and party supplies." 

Sound familiar? I am gonna bet that the founders of Five Below are not gonna be happyyyyyy....

BUT, I will say this...Dollar General picked the perfect time to make this announcement.

The economic aftermath of the COVID-19 Pandemic will not be fixed overnight and people will be relying on affordable places just like Popshelf to get by.

Dollar General also announced that they are expected to open about 30 Popshelf locations by the end the fiscal year in 2021.

We know the first few locations will pop up in Tennessee (NO FAIR!) where the company is based but there are no other locations confirmed at this time.

There is one bad piece of news with this: We don't know if a Popshelf location is going to be opening up in New Jersey just yet.

But if Dollar General is smart...they will open multiple Popshelf locations in New Jersey because I think we deserve it. More than deserved it....we earned it.

Now....the big question: Who will have better products at an affordable price - Five Below or Popshelf?

Let the retail competition begin.

Take a look at the original article making this announcement at

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