Well, well, well......look who is NOT oh so transparent.

Over the weekend, I thought I would splurge a little bit by hitting up the Dollar General store on Route 37 in Toms River.

Is it pathetic that I am splurging at Dollar General? ABSOLUTLY....but ya girl is ballin on a budget so on we go with this....

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Out in front of the store, there is a HUGE sign that reads, "Over 2,000 items priced at just $1.00."

I was met with a huge surprise upon entering: a majority of their items did NOT cost $1.00.

Now on average, were the items cheaper than going to a Target or Walmart? Probably....

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But when I walk into DOLLAR General...I am expecting to spend one dollar per item.

Not to mention, I hit up Dollar General for things I know I will easily lose or that I am okay with dealing with the cheap version. Some examples are sunglasses, flip flops, scrunchies, clips and make up brushes.

Now I know this trend is not necessarily new among retailers. Five Below announced last year that they would start carrying items for $10.00 but those items would be a bit more bougie and would be clearly marked in a separate area of the store.

So I do get it. Retailers are trying to find ways to expand their inventory without necessarily breaking away from their branding.

But some of the items -- like fans and nice pillows -- cost as much as $20.00.

In hind sight, is it going to break the bank? No.

But going from $1.00 to $20.00 is a big jump. We know what we are walking into when we enter a Dollar General....affordability.

When a majority of the items are not $1.00., it kind of defeats the purpose...no?

But the positive on this is that this Dollar General literally had EVERYTHING. It was almost like walking into a Target...but without the red and white target logo.

But seriously.....false advertising. NOT COOL.

Please tell me this bothers you as much as it bothers me!

Hey Dollar General: Why Are These Items NOT A Dollar?!

False advertising to the MAX.

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