A popular Jersey Shore desert trend is expanding into Freehold Raceway Mall!

A couple months ago we told you about Just Dough It, a food truck turned parlor in Pt. Pleasant that serves cookie dough. You'll see them in Belmar and Asbury Park this summer.

Now we've caught word that'll you'll be able to indulge in safe-to-eat cookie dough at Freehold Raceway Mall!

New York-based 'Dough Life' is scheduled to start serving their sweets in Center Court near Starbucks as early as this weekend.

According to APP, 'Dough Life' will offer all kinds of different flavors like chocolate chip, s'mores, brownie batter, caramel, sea salt, and my personal favorite espresso with Nutella!

You may be saying, "wasn't I always told not to eat raw cookie dough because it can make me sick." You're not wrong. What these cookie dough parlors that are popping up around the Shore are doing is using pasteurized eggs eliminating the risk of salmonella. A report says that 'Dough Life' at Freehold Raceway Mall doesn't use eggs in any of their products.

The cookie dough craze continues

[source: APP]

Watch me taste test 'Just Dough It' cookie dough!

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