Hey Jersey Shore Lawmakers, it's been a hell of a year. We deserve to have a little fun in the sun with an ice-cold alcoholic beverage.

Nothing beats a day at the Jersey Shore - laying on the sand, feeling the hot sun on your skin, listening to your favorite music, or chatting with family. Sounds like the perfect time to take a sip of your favorite alcoholic beverage, right? Nope, because booze is illegal on New Jersey beaches.

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And listen, I totally understand the dangers that come with it. We don't want public intoxication, or worse, people who get in their cars and driving home. And glass bottles in a place where people are walking around with bare feet is definitely a no-no. But it's time we let up just a teeny bit and allow responsible drinking at the Jersey Shore.

Philly Voice shared that Atlantic City has gotten a small step of the way, by designating certain areas where people can drink, but this is only allowed on the boardwalk. Why not bring it into the sand? You could also designate certain areas, maybe have a "bouncer" check people in, search all bags, make sure no glass bottles come in and allow us to enjoy that ice-cold beer. It'd create more jobs!

Now, this is all purely just my opinion, and there is no sign of drinks being allowed on the sand anytime soon, but in an ideal world would you be on board with allowing alcohol here at Jersey Shore beaches?

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