We thought just having the boardwalk open was good news. This is even better news. We think.

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Since COVID-19 has shut bars down, Atlantic City is allowing visitors to consume alcohol on the boardwalk.

Enjoy it while you can though because this order will only stay in effect as long as restaurants and bars are closed.

While some may think alcohol on the Atlantic City boardwalk could be a dangerous mix, this decision was made with businesses and their employees in mind.

Atlantic City Mayor Marty Small said:

We want to help out the people who are in business. We want to use our judgment and issue this executive order to help out our bars and restaurants, so we took the aggressive approach, doing things we can do within our jurisdiction.

Here's how it's this is going to work.

According to the executive order, open containers will be allowed on the boardwalk between Sovereign Ave. and Rhode Island Ave. Public consumption will also be allowed in the non-residential areas of Gardner’s Basin.

This part is important. Just because drinking will be allowed on the Atlantic City boardwalk, it doesn't mean it's BYOB. Only drink from approved establishments will be ok.

How will this all work out? Only time will tell. Here's a better question, should something like this be considered in Monmouth and Ocean counties? Let me know your thoughts. Matt.Ryan@townsquaremedia.com

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