We all have the joy and privilege to drive on New Jersey roads each and every day of our lives. Lucky us. So, just how bad is driving in the Garden State?

It turns out we didn't need a study to tell us driving is not always a joy here in New Jersey, but one study did confirm it and reminded us of some things we probably already knew but would rather not think of.

The study comes from WalletHub, and it determined that, spoiler alert, we are one of the worst states in the country to drive in. As a matter of fact we are officially the 9th worst state in the nation for drivers.

Congratulations New Jersey, you live in the 42nd best state in the nation to drive in. It's just another little nugget of info that warms a Garden State heart. So, how did we get here?

Let's start with the obvious. We have crammed more people and vehicles into small spaces than anyone in the history of the human race has ever done. And if you're wondering how that worked out, just drive on Route 35 in Sea Girt.

And if the overall rank just isn't quite low enough for you, let's try this. We are the 48th best stat for traffic and infrastructure, or in regular terms the third worst. No wonder we get home each night ready to explode.

Our cost of ownership and maintenance, according to the study, is among the highest in the nation as well. The hits just keep on coming.

But here's some good news to leave you with. The study says we're among the top states for safety. We rank 8th in that category. And when all is said and done, that is the most important category, so good for us.

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