As we gear up for summer weekends at the Jersey Shore here comes the traffic.

Lots of extra cars are on the roads with people rushing to get to their beach destination.

There are certain things drivers do behind the wheel that drive people crazy.

So what is your driving pet peeve? I'm sure you have more than just one, but what's your BIGGEST driving pet peeve?

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I took to Facebook to find out what other drivers do that makes people so mad while driving and got a lot of great responses.

Here's what you said...

New Jersey's Biggest Driving Pet Peeves

"When I am backing out of a spot as careful as I am, people walk right behind the car, cars just drive by without letting me pull out of the spot."

"Blinkers, please."

"Other all of them!"

"When you let someone in and they don’t put up a hand to say thank you."

"People thinking a yield sign means you yield to me."

"When people continue to roll when they are supposed to be stopped."

"People who don’t put their lights on when it rains or it’s foggy."

"Not stopping at red lights and stop signs."

"The constant running of red lights, weaving in and out of traffic, and less dangerous, but just stupid."

"Those who use the right-hand shoulder as a lane in traffic!"

"Not moving up into the intersection when you're the first car in line waiting to make a left turn at a green light."


"Going speed limit or below in the left lane and not moving."

"Failure to signal."

"When someone drives right up against the bumper of the car it’s so annoying."

"The car behind getting to merge into an alternate lane before me."

"SPEED! Why is everyone in such a hurry all the time? SPEED KILLS!"

"People cutting me off."

"Moving 10 mph on the Parkway for an hour to see literally no reason for the slowdown."

"Last second blinker or no blinker."

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