You can expect to see an increase in police presence starting today (12/6) throughout the Jersey Shore for the next few weeks because the holiday season is upon us.

And what does that mean?

There will be nonstop Christmas parties, office parties, Secret Santas and ugly sweater gatherings,

And what does that mean?

There will be a lot of alcohol consumption this holiday season.

So yes, if you pick up what I am putting down, law enforcement is looking to crack down on those who are drinking and driving this holiday season.

"The goal of the crackdown was to mobilize New Jersey’s law enforcement community during the final weeks of the year to raise public awareness about the dangers of impaired driving through a combination of high visibility enforcement and outreach activities," the New Jersey Division of Highway Traffic Safety wrote in a report.

Various Jersey Shore towns were given extra money that will be used to pay officers overtime to help enforce the Don't Drink and Drive message.

Here are the Jersey Shore towns that will have extra police officers on guard:


  • Holmdel - $5,500
  • Howell - $5,500
  • Manalapan - $5,500
  • Middletown - $5,500
  • Spring Lake Heights - $5,500


  • Barnegat - $5,500
  • Berkeley - $5,500
  • Jackson - $5,500
  • Lakewood - $5,500
  • Point Pleasant Beach - $5,500
  • Point Pleasant Borough - $5,500
  • Seaside Heights - $5,500

So as I say in every single one of my DWI Checkpoint posts, use Uber, Lyft, a taxi, a designated driver or if possible WALK!

Your safety as well as those around you is the most important thing.

And I shall leave you with this gut wrenching question: What is the point of celebrating the holidays if you don't live to see the next day? Something to think about.

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