Join us Friday morning when we get to meet Kayla during her Bucket List trip to the Asbury Park Boardwalk. Although her story may seem sad, we are so happy to be able to wrap her up in some love while she's still here on Earth.

(Kayla, Photo courtesy of Pitties and Pals)
(Kayla, Photo courtesy of Pitties and Pals)

Kayla had been a resident at the Humane Society in Tinton Falls for 3 years where, as a favorite, she received  a lot of love and attention from the amazing volunteers and staff.

But Kayla's spirit had started to break and she began to sleep all day and face the wall in her kennel, depressed. Life in a shelter isn't the life any dog deserves. When Kayla began losing weight, the staff took her to an outside veterinarian for a full check-up and, unfortunately, they found a tumor wrapped around her jugular. It was removed, but was found to be malignant.

Knowing this, the board of directors and volunteers simply couldn't imagine Kayla spending another day in the shelter, so the board president of Pitties and Pals Rescue opened up her guest house for Kayla to live as a hospice foster for whatever time she had left to be in a home. Although this arrangement is typically used for emergency situations for dogs within their own rescue group, in the eyes of those making the decision, this was every bit as necessary.

Once Kayla left the shelter and came under the care of Pities and Pals Rescue, she went to their veterinarian where she had x-rays and a complete exam to see how she was doing. The x-rays showed that she has an inoperable mass pushing on her airway. Nothing can be done other than to give her the best life she can have for as long as she has.

While the mass does cause Kayla to breath heavily at times and she has to be sure not to overexert herself , Kayla does not appear to be in any pain. She is enjoying 'bucket list' adventures with her foster mom and many Pitties and Pals Rescue volunteers, lounging on her new couch (which she found at the Coastal Habitat for Humanity ReStore), and spending her days with visitors in the gazebo being smothered with attention.

Kayla brings something to each person who meets this sweet girl. This dog has had a rough life but has never stopped loving humans and wanting to spend time loving them. Often its these forgotten dogs, the quiet ones, or ones that are not healthy or have had difficult pasts, that bring the most to humans who help them. It is very much like they know, and somehow try to repay the kindness that they finally found.

Pitties and Pals encourages people to think about these dogs, like Kayla, when looking to adopt. You won't regret the effort and will be repaid tenfold in love.

Pitties and Pals, a non-proft animal rescue group, makes it their mission to rescue dogs and educate the public. Although their main focus is the 'Bully' breed, they are committed to all dogs in need. They believe that rescue involves a multitude of approaches that includes lliberating dogs from 'at risk' situations, whether in a shelter or with an owner in need of assistance. While adoption is always the ultimate goal, they believe transitioning into foster care allows for socialization and training that are key components to a successful placement.

Pitties and Pals Rescue is based in Jackson but works in all of NJ. Most of their dogs are rescued  from shelters where the dogs are at risk of being put to sleep due to overcrowding, when dogs have behavioral issues that require socialized training or an experienced handler, or from other bad situations that require quick intervention. Pitties and Pals Rescue is a foster-based rescue with limited access to kennel space, so they are always in need of volunteers willing to foster and help care for their dogs. As an entirely volunteer organization, all donations and support goes directly to the care of their dogs including training, sheltering, food, medical care, as well as comforts like treats, toys, and beds -- items which many of their dogs have never had before coming into their care.

Pitties and Pals has some upcoming events, including their White Party August 9th at the Molly Pitcher Inn in Red Bank. This is a huge event and you are invited! CLICK HERE for details!,

Also mark your calendars for the Pitties and Pals Adoption/Pet Supplies Flea Market at the Coastal Habitat ReStore (Memorial Drive, Asbury Park) on Saturday, Sept. 14th.

For more info on Pitties and Pals, CLICK HERE.

You can follow Pitties and Pals on Facebook for a list of adoptable dogs and adoptions events.



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