If you’ve been thinking to yourself, “you know where we could use a WAWA in Monmouth County…,” I’ve got the answer for you.  Eatontown.  The exact location is Route 35 Nr., Meridian Way, scheduled to open Winter of 2021.  Now you will have another convenient place to get your coffee, a bite to eat and On-the-go foods.  I was checking out their menu and I can tell you there is a wide variety of foods, including Built-to-Order Breakfast Burritos, Quesadillas and Sour Dough Melts, along with a list of hot and cold beverages.  And by beverages, I mean Frozen Cappuccinos, Chai Teas and Cream Smoothies.  WAWA even delivers!  A new location might also mean job opportunities.  According to their website, being part of the Wawa family means you uphold their mission of, “Fulfilling Lives, Every Day.”  You can stay up to date on when they might be hiring by clicking WAWA jobs.  New store hires could be seeking a position as a Customer Service Associate, Fuel Associate (NJ only) or a Night Supervisor.  Here’s a piece of advice I can give you before you go on a job interview…be sure to research the company’s website and become familiar with their mission, products and services.

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