It’s that time of year where the air is cold and the feeling of warm and fuzzy seems nonexistent. That is until you take a nice sip of rum laced egg nog, or my holiday favorite, coquito. What is coquito? Coquito is Puerto Rican Egg Nog that tastes nothing like egg nog. It is thick and creamy and spiced like egg nog, but it is made with coconut and milk products and of course is loaded with rum!

This is the kind of drink you sip on because it will creep up on you if it is made correctly. The warm and fuzzy feeling will warm your soul!

Where do you get this tasty concoction? Well I am sure you can probably find a recipe on the internet, but who is to say it is the real deal? There are so many different recipes out there. You will have to find your favorite Puerto Rican friend or coworker and ask them to gift you a bottle. It is usually a drink made around the winter holiday months. I make it, but I am NOT willing to share my recipe. Sorry about it!

Jasmine Rodriguez - Townsquare Media
Jasmine Rodriguez - Townsquare Media

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