Who is your favorite drummer of all time? Phil Collins, Dave Grohl, Neal Peart, Keith Moon, John Bonham, Vinnie Paul, someone else?

At Confections of a Rock$tar bakery on Cookman Avenue in Asbury Park, you can have that debate while enjoying something sweet to eat.

The owner, Kimmee Masi, has been drumming on and off her whole life and wants to share that music with visitors to her bakery.

"It started with my Dad -- I got my first drum from him when I was four and started baking when I was nine in his bakery," Masi told Townsquare Media on 'Shore Time with Vin and Dave' on 94.3 The Point and 105.7 The Hawk on Sunday. "I started playing in bands when I was 13, started baking with my Dad when I was 9, and this Confections was supposed to be my retirement to myself after I was a famous Rockstar drummer that toured the world with a super famous Rockstar band."

Getty Images/iStockphoto
Getty Images/iStockphoto

She played in a local band for a while but eventually, things came to an end, but, she did pick up playing again a couple of years back and now takes lessons a couple of times a week to feed the fire of drumming and is also in a new local band.

"I'm back to playing, so I'm super excited about that," Masi said.

In addition to hearing and talking about some rock music and the drums with Kimmee Masi, there are all kinds of treats you can try out at Confections of a Rock$tar bakery as well.

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"Every day is a little different but we just started bringing in croissants, which are super popular, and they're not just your basic buttered croissants, we're doing Mike's Hot Honey, Nutella chocolate croissant, the cinnamon sugar croissant -- that one's delicious -- we do a lot of breakfast items (like) cinnamon buns but later, during the day, is our cupcakes, cookies, we do what I call a ho-ho crumb bun which is the take on the traditional seven-layer Italian cookie but we turn it into a crumb bun which is quite delightful," Masi said.

Asbury Park boardwalk
Asbury Park boardwalk (Lou Russo, Townsquare Media NJ)

As with many chefs, cooks, and bakers, creativity is flowing at this Asbury Park bakery.

"We did a chocolate cajun cupcake, it was amazing, it was honestly amazing -- but it just didn't sell -- so, we do come up with lots of ideas and then it comes to me and I'm just like 'nope, won't sell, nope won't sell, yep, totally, go with it', so I let my staff do a lot of that as well," Masi said. "We did a corn muffin, which was really super awesome, with mascarpone frosting and a chicken wing on top, it was amazing, it was stuffed with mashed potatoes, it was delicious -- it just didn't go. We're a little different, we're a little edgy, I like to think outside the box."

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