Episode 35 of '94 Seconds With Nicole' is all about the kids celebrating HALLOWEEN!

Quite a few school districts throughout New Jersey have canceled their Halloween parades and celebrations.

So we decided to talk to a few of the local school districts to see what they think and what type of safety measures they have in place to keep their Halloween parades and celebrations alive.

We have quite a few Thank You's to send out today:

1. Lizanne Coyne, School Principal of Saint Mary Academy.
2. Mitch Little, Chief of the Toms River Police Department
3. David Healy, Superintendent of Toms River Regional School District
4. Rocco Tomazic, Superintendent of the Freehold Borough and their students Bethany, Anthony, Alanand Jahnye'Lee.

Plus, thank you to Joccy M and Vin Ebenau for your help with this episode.

So what do you think? Are these Halloween Parades being canceled for good reason? Or can we utilize the advice and safety tactics mentioned in this episode to keep these celebrations alive?
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We will see you next week on Tuesday!

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