So for Episode 37 of '94 Seconds With Nicole' to make sense, you have to take a look back at Episode 30: The Chicken Sandwich Debate.

So long story short, Chick-fil-A came out victorious during our first Chicken Sandwich War and now that Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen has chicken sandwiches in stock, it is time to crown the Chicken Sandwich War Champion.
And since Veterans Day just passed, we decided to have Veterans come in and be our taste testers!
Thank you to:
1. Donald DeFelice of Circle Hyundai, aka CHICKEN MAN
2. Rich Gaudio of Ocean Township, Retired Lieutenant Colonel of the Army
3. Wayne Bard of Eatontown, Retired First Sergeant of the US Army
4. Jon Doherty of Little Silver, Marine Lance Corporal
We thank you all for your service and can never fully repay you for all of your hard work.
But now let's get down to business: Chick-fil-A vs. Popeyes. Who will win? Let's find out....

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We will see you next week on Tuesday!

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