Welcome to Episode 55 -- our second, all-virtual episode of, '94 Seconds With Nicole!'
We all have been hearing the phrase, "on the front lines" A LOT during this pandemic but it can be difficult to understand what our essential personnel has been going through to help us beat this thing.
Nicole S. Murray spoke w/ William Schuler, William Ippilito and Jhovanna Serrano from Immediate Care who took the time to share their experiences during the pandemic. 🏥
They, as well as all other healthcare professionals, have done amazing work and this is just a small glimpse inside their day-to-day responsibilities during this pandemic. 👩‍⚕️👨‍⚕️
We cannot thank you enough! 💖
Stay safe. Stay health. And take care of yourself.
Thank you to Mario Forcellati for your incredible work on this episode.
P.S. This episode is a tad longer than others because we did not want to cut out ANY part of these healthcare professionals' story.

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