Are you looking to escape to a LOCAL paradise?🏝️

Well then welcome to Episode 61 of "94 Seconds With Nicole!"

Let us introduce Cruisin' Tikis Long Beach Island....which we have told you about in the past but now it is time for an up-close and personal look.

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Nicole S. Murray got to talk with Captain Mike Bishop, owner of Cruisin' Tikis Long Beach Island -- 6 feet apart, of course -- about what this unique summer bucket list activity has to offer and how they have adjusted during the pandemic!
Oh, and did we mention this excursion takes place on top of a FLOATING TIKI BAR?!?! 🍹
This will be a memory with your family, friends or significant other that you won't forget. Trust me.🌞

Thank you to Mario Forcellati who edited this episode!

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