There is nothing funny about the Asiana plane crash. The stunt that got pulled on this local news team however, is hilarious.

KTVU News in Oakland, CA was punked in what could be the best prank (and worst prank considering the situation) to ever make it on TV.

The anchor was reading the names of the pilots that flew the Asiana flight and didn't realize that someone had given the news outlet bogus information. Watch.

The station later apologized saying that they had reported false information, but the names were "confirmed" by an official. That officials name, Hugh Janus. Kidding.

Now, I'm in broadcasting and I screw up all the time. It's the worst feeling in the world. Occasionally my information is incorrect, or I just say something stupid. I actually feel bad for this anchor.

However, before those names got to the teleprompter to be read on air, they had to go through multiple channels. There was even a graphic made for them. It is kind of mind boggling how not one person caught the prank before it went live.

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