Dr. Mike Savino has so many fans who have been cheering him on and praying hard. HiS family has already suffered enough tragedy.

(Dr. Mike with his family upon coming home, photo from Denise Wunderler)
(Dr. Mike with his family upon coming home, photo from Denise Wunderler)

It was very, very scary to follow this first responder through his battle with Covid19 as he first fought to treat from home (his wife is also a physician) so as not to take up necessary resources from other sick patients, but then watching as he ended up having to be admitted to the hospital to battle this nightmare of a virus.

Mike amassed thousands and thousands of followers from around the world and handled every day with a sense of humor as best he could, while being brutally honest about his struggle to breathe....

Mike had plenty of motivation for fighting to get better; Two little ones at home who already lost their little sister, plus a loving wife, Denise. This family needed him to make it, and he pulled through, after some horrible touch-and-go moments in the hospital.

(Photo courtesy of Denise Wunderler)
(Photo courtesy of Denise Wunderler)

As the car pulled onto his street after he was released from the hospital late Saturday morning, a whole community came together in their cars parked up and down the street with signs waving to welcome him back.

He got to spend Easter Sunday with his wife and kids.

Thank God.

Denise adds, "Mike is also a war hero. He was a Major in the US Army, and was active duty during wartime in Iraq in 2010. He was an emergency medicine physician and the Consultant for Northern Iraq for Emergency Medicine Services while he was deployed to the 28th CSH (Combact Support Hospital), outside of Baghdad. He was the recipient of and received the Meritorious Service Medal while deployed.

I still remember Mike holding our oldest daughter (17 days old) in his arms for the last time before I drove him to the airport to get on a plane for Iraq. We lived in Missouri at the time." A superhero, indeed.

If you would like to follow Dr. Mike, CLICK HERE. I'm sure he's still got a ways to go to completely heal so let's keep up the prayers!

For more on the story of precious Vienna, who was taken too soon from SUDC, along with the original story asking for prayers for Dr. Mike, CLICK HERE.

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