It's been an amazing walk down memory lane reading your submissions for "You Know You're From Middletown When..." The feedback was (and continues to be) excellent, so let's get right to part 2 of our series!

What is missing from Part 1 and from this list? Let us know in the comment section below.

You Know You're From Middletown When...

exit 117 is on your family's tombstone! (Melissa Della Luna)

you know how to get to the beach in the summer without ever getting on 36 or 35. (Paul Skip Anderson)

you painted your body with clay at the bay and later found out it was oil from the ships!!! (Kathleen Schaaf Coyle)

you know where the "Junction" is. (several contributors)

you know what time the last train leaves Penn Station for Red Bank or Middletown. (Betsy Denhart)

you know no one makes chicken better than Chicken Corner. (several contributors)

you know where 'Sunken City' is. (Jay Dowd)

you walked through Beacon Hill Golf Course and Croyden Hall to get to Bayshore. (Paulette Martin)

you know where to see a cow on top of a butcher. (Jim D'Arcy)

you know where the "stone church" is. (Candy Boeckel)

you know all the side roads to avoid the highways during the summer!!! (Lindsey Travis)

you remember split sessions in High School ...and the afternoon session did not get out until 5. (Sandi Ozut Luker)

you used to go to the Shamrock Diner. (Colleen Quigley Gato)

you see lions & eagles everywhere but your not in a jungle. (Renee McKenna)

you take the bus from the Junction to Red Bank on a Saturday. (Kathy Bettel Woods)

you know where Monmouth Hills is and what the Water Witch Club is. (Abbi Finch)

you know the whole Stavola family!!!! Cause you went to school with all of them! lol (Dino Bochicchio)

you come back from vacation and you pass PNC, you know home is just around the bend! Best feeling in the world. No place like home. (Ellie Dellaportas)

you remember Bud's Grave! (Teresa Marie)

you only go to Joyce's for a sub! (Thomas Zapcic)

you know the word SLATERS. (Nancy Marie Bunce)

you've slipped on peanut shells at The Ground Round! (Art Kaney)

you don't know how Sears stays open because there are never any cars in the parking lot. (Dana Barradale Houlihan)

you used to watch the Red Bank Fireworks from the Navesink Country Club instead of braving the crowds in Red Bank (we need a kick starter to pay for Red Bank fireworks so they can come back!!) (Stacey Brunson Lebitz)

you know you do not get a room at the Leonardo Motel. (Rachael Lynn)

you hung out at 7-11 in the junction and ate nachos and cheese. Then went across the street and hung out at Middletown Pizza parking lot until you found out who was having a party. (Lynn Schaller)

you remember taking dance lessons from Miss Betty. (Dana Barradale Houlihan)

your kids have played at Chuckee Cheese, Imaginarium, and Discovery Zone. (Dana Barradale Houlihan)

you were the only person who knew about Jersey Mikes. (Kevin Healy)

you know where Quackies is. (Destani Madej)

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