In the past, we've shined the spotlight on Brick, Howell, and Freehold in our "you know you're from" series. The response for Middletown has been so great, that we're doing a part 2!

You Know You're From Middletown When...

you ask 'north or south?' (several contributors)

it's all about 117 (several contributors)

you shopped at Two Guys (several contributors)

you're asked 'do you live on the wet side or the dry side?' and you know what the question means (Corinne Fouassier-Sydor)

When you can pronounce Navesink correctly. (Bethany L. Ryan)

you grew up hearing ghost stories about The Spy House. (Mary Annthipie Kranis Bane)

your Thanksgiving dinner doesn't begin until the North vs South game is decided! (Craig Sydor)

you STILL think Shoprite does NOT belong on the far right side of the Middletown Plaza on 35. (Jennifer Pellegrino)

you know all the side roads to avoid the highways during the summer!!! (Lindsey Travis)

you played sports in B.Y.A.A. (Dino Bochicchio)

you've visited the Quick Stop and stood against the wall. (Dominick Pace)

you know where Vince Lombardi is buried. (Al Fiorello)

half of your new adult friends have a Staten Island accent. HAHA (Paul Skip Anderson)

you've parked in a cemetery at night to see 'Dancing Jesus.' (Jim D'Arcy)

you smile each time you pass Middletown North and smile to see the graduating year change on the "shed" on the track. (Alyssa Lorenzo)

you spent the day movie hopping at the movie theater where Target now stands. (Nancy Grandinetti Casey)

you've driven up and down Whipperwill in hopes of seeing some crazy stuff! (Lindsey Travis)

you've Ice skated on the Navesink pond (Sue Bertics Stead)

you went sleigh riding in the cow pasture. (Nancy Grandinetti Casey)

you waited to hear the fire whistles blow to see if it was a snow day. (Nancy Grandinetti Casey)

you have the world's largest all-volunteer fire department (Stacey Stefanski)

you can't drive down 36 in the summer! (Michael Hockin)

you ate at the Ground Round on the corner of Chapel Hill Road and 35. (Janice Palmadesso)

you know the black smoke coming from the Bayshore means it's fall and brush fire season. (Jim D'Arcy)

you remember when Stop and Shop was Grand Union. (Dana Mcmackin-Gearl)

the "scary clown" doesn't scare you! (Sandy Perry)

you remember Two Guys (Nancy Grandinetti Casey)

you've been to St Mary's fair. (Kerry Quinn)

you've eaten lunch at the red barn (Janine Demodna)

Mr. Smith aka Smitty gave you Saturday detention. (Dana Mcmackin-Gearl)

you watch Clerks and notice all the times they are driving on the wrong roads to get where they are trying to go to. (Paul Skip Anderson)

you cheered or played football for pop warner at Croydon Hall. (Melissa Bair-Jaggers)

you remember prior to Bradlee's on 35, it was a zoo. And when union square mall was a pitch and putt. (Suzanne Burke)

these numbers mean something. 787 495 671. (Erin O'Keefe)

you remember Jacques was once Bucky Smiths. (Amanda MacConchie)

you remember the smell of the fish factory or IFF in the summertime. (Paul Skip Anderson )

you've been to Green Light Cemetery at night!! (Robin Mack)

you went to Roy Rogers near Pathmark on new Monmouth road. (Suzanne Burke)

you rode or hung out at the bike trails behind Burger King. (Jeanine Storch)

people are so confused that your address may be Port Monmouth, Belford, Leonardo, etc., but you're actually a part of Middletown. (Jennifer Morgan)

you own a 'Great Race' shirt. (Courtney O'Callaghan Masterpalo)

you ate at Naples, Middletown Pizza, and Valentino's all in the same week. (Dana Mcmackin-Gearl)

you feel at home when you see the big scary clown on route 35. (Jennifer Pellegrino)

you've jumped off the Sandy Hook bridge. (Debbie Fetherston)

you are a Middletown North student and hate South & visa versa. (Jennifer Pellegrino)

you watched the fireworks down on Ideal Beach. (Janet Conwell)

you went to 'Middletown Movies' (Matthew Spears)

the St. Mary's Fair marks the start of summer. (Carin Morrell)

you absolutely hate bennys. (Christian Fawcett)

you know who the snake lady is. (Jeanine Storch)

you see the fake bull/bison on a front lawn. (Dana Barradale Houlihan)

you know who "Elvis" is and have been wondering where he's been. (Jennifer Pellegrino)

you went on at least one class trip a year to Poricy Park. (Stacey Stefanski)

you remember The Old Wagon Farm and the "talking pumpkins." (Dana Barradale Houlihan)

you went to high school at, simply, "North" or South." (Dena Besuden Temple)

you gamble for produce at the Navesink Fireman's Fair. (Dena Besuden Temple)

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