Recently, we've featured different towns in Monmouth and Ocean counties in our "you know you're from..." series. Brick and Howell had tremendous response on Facebook, but neither came close to Freehold.

(photo: Wikimedia Commons)
(photo: Wikimedia Commons)

So much so, that this is just part 1 of "You Know You're From Freehold When..." Please add your additions in the comment section below!

You Know You're from Freehold When...

you know it's going to rain when you smell Nescafe Coffee. (Jean Karadbil Mignolet)

every time you return to town, you go to Feds, The Jester, Jersey Freeze...or all of them lol. (Angie Horvath)

you can remember St. Rose carnivals. (Jeanne-Marie Hakim Story)

Springsteen sightings are just an average day. (Tiffany M. Bastedo)

you understand where the Boro ends and Township begins. (Sharon Caruso-Mills)

you know that Chicken Holiday was a restaurant (and not a holiday) with the best fried chicken in the area. (Suzie Foster)

you drive past the pond and laugh remembering the things you did. (Rachel Raeann Rimmer Burlew) *EDITORS NOTE* This is the first of many references to "the pond."

you're talking to someone about Bruce and they try to tell you he's from Asbury Park! How defensive do you get?? (Suzie Foster)

you used to hang out at Liberty Oak Park (Randy Robles)

you were here... (Paul Taylor)

(photo: Paul Taylor)
(photo: Paul Taylor)

when you Mother, Father, and all their siblings had some of the same teachers that you had in high school! Freehold was like one big family! (Cynthia Sherman)

when you spent 5 nights in July meeting up with friends at the Monmouth County Fair. (Angie Horvath)

you know that the best subs on the planet are from Sorrento's. (Connor Crafton-Tempel)

you believe the Jersey Devil runs through Turkey Swamp Park and either went on their hunt or thought about joining the hunts. (Diane Carbin Arnone)

you've given directions to Jersey Freeze by saying, turn right after the Freehold Circle. (Sandy McMahon Lewis)

you learned to swim at the Freehold Pond. (Carl Beams)

you went to The Center Deli for 3 cent Jolly Ranchers and 5 cent Bazooka Joe gum. (Jennifer Siemon)

your Mom took you for shoes at the Stride Rite and for jeans at the Army/Navy store. (Marc Mostowsky)

you know the Township-Borough Thanksgiving game is a big deal. Also, hanging out with your sweetie at the "lake," which always meant Topanemus. (Colleen Platt Hall)

you went in the tunnels at Veteran's Park. (Bella Luna)

you took in 4th of July fireworks at the Racetrack. (Suzanne O'Reilly Lizotte)

the Monmouth County Library was at the house on the corner on Manalapan Ave. (Marc Mostowsky)

you know that it is 12:15pm because the fire whistle blows. (Laura Grove Rothenhofer)

you know there's a battle for the best pies and donuts between Wemrock Orchards and Battleview Orchards. (Glenn Hintze)

you're asked "Township or Boro?" (Dana Lawson)

the Friendly's on Rt. 9 was the place to go to after elementary and middle school functions. (Christina Valente Haddock)

you remember when Santa Claus came down off the roof of the Court House (now Hall of Records) on the Saturday after Thanksgiving every year. (Susan Sweetman)

you took a field trip to the Coven Hoven house. (Stacy Somers)

you hung out at Jamesway and the movies and ran across Route 9 to McDonald's on a Friday night. (Judi Torres)

you started your day with an Egg, Pork roll and Cheese sandwich at Tony's Grill; had a Sorrento's Sub for Lunch; enjoyed a Feds pizza for dinner and topped it all off with an ice cream cone from Jersey Freeze. (Marc LeVine)

you couldn't wait 'til Turkey Swamp froze over so you could ice skate!! (Leean Weaver Paolino)

you meet The Boss at Jersey Freeze. (Timmy Mulholland)

you know that Tom Cruise's sister owned the Sante Fe Cafe (Suzie Foster)

you went to pep rallys on Friday nights and to Feds afterwards. (Michele Openshaw Fuller)

you can't forget Van's Freehold Inn and their lobster tails! (Tammy Chamberlain Conti)

you know Freedman's Bakery has the best hard rolls and crumb buns ever. (Jef Stiles)

you get together with your high school friends every Thanksgiving Eve and go to the Court Jester to watch the Half Brothers play. (Deirdre Anne Lopian)

you walked to Manasquan because you knew someone from Freehold would go by and pick you (Colleen Barkalow Doody)

you know "The Freehold Street People" and remember driving the circuit. (George McMorrow)

you remember the first winter storm and walking to the Court Jester. It always ended with a snowball fight in the middle of Main Street. (Michael O'Brian)

you slept outside of Drug Fair overnight waiting in line for Springsteen tickets. (Lori Spector Krein)

Come back for "You Know You're From Freehold When...Part 2" soon! What would you add to the list? Leave your thoughts in the comment section below!

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