Freehold has a ton of history and a bunch of memories. Thank to everyone who shared on Facebook. The feedback was so great that I couldn't fit all of the responses into one blog! Be sure to check out "You Know You're From Freehold When...Part 1" and see how many of these apply to you!

(photo: James M Sharpe II)
(photo: James M Sharpe II)

You Know You're From Freehold When...

you played little league at the 3M baseball fields. (Rich Gutter)

you were sick, Dr. Lewis gave you a shot of Penicillin. No matter what the ailment, penicillin was the answer. (Denise Glovich Culver)

you learned how to navigate a traffic circle properly. Freehold circle 20 times in a (Beckie Burlew)

you got your new school shoes at Al's Bootery (Danny Megill)

you saw the community come together during two major fire events to provide food, drink and support. (Shawn McCarty)

you sat in the middle of the old Rt. 9 circle to watch 4th of July fireworks. (Mike Juice Summerbell)

you had a 462 or a 431 phone number. (Kevin Mac)

you still saw snow mounds at Britts in April. (Kim Hayman)

you say Schanck 2 different ways to emphasize Street or Road. (David O'Brian)

you go to the beach not the "shore." (Lauren Bunton-Redmond)

you're not from Freehold, you're from "The Boro." (Russell Taylor)

you here Bruce's song "My Hometown" and think that's MY hometown! (Mari Pratt)

you remember the traffic jam when McDonald's opened. (Gary Gellman)

you can't forget the friendly face of Leon driving his bike around town and always telling joke after joke. And that laugh, unforgettable and unmistakable. (Andrew Basso)

you know what "Cruise Night" is (Erika Jersey)

you hung out at The Jester on a Saturday night, ate bar pies from Silver Tavern and remember summers at Veterans Park. (Dawn Sewell)

you know who the Half Brothers are and you probably were even in one or both of their classes in high school. (Angie Horvath)

you remember the screen door that always slammed at Eli's Bagels. (Suzanne Ramberger Bartley)

you remember the $1 movie theater at Pond Road Shopping Center (Stacie Ehrenfreund Shuster)

you call it "Great Adventure," not "Six Flags." (Kathy Mulholland)

you shopped at McCrory's in the Shop Rite Shopping Center. (Michele Ehret Fee)

you still call it "Liberty Oak Park." (Ken Drucker)

you went to Old Monmouth Candies at Easter to look at all the chocolate bunnies. And of course the best peanut brittle. (Kim Hayman)

you just say "Township" and everyone knows you mean Freehold Township. (Or conversely, "Boro".) It's like referring to "the city"... we all know you mean NYC. (David M. Salkin)

you can proudly say "I grew up in the BEST town ever!" (Meredith Primak)

you spend most of your summer in Manasquan. (Russell Taylor)

you call Lake Topanemus "The Pond." (Kathy Mulholland)

you remember Dubois Drug Store & Freeman's Bakery! (Linda Freiburg Soldo)

you hear distant thunder on a sunny Sunday afternoon and know it is from Raceway Park in Englishtown. (David Tanner)

you ran or rode your bike in the smoke behind the DDT bug sprayer truck!!! (Bella Luna)

you judge all pizza by Federici's and every sub by Sorrento's. Haven't found anything better living in 6 different states. (Peggy Smalser Erlich)

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