It's been a rough week for one Monmouth County town. After being paralyzed by thunderstorms that rocked the township, police are investigating two robberies.

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The Freehold Township Police Department is currently investigating two incidents in the western rural section of the township.

On Thursday, July 26 a resident of Ely Harmony Road reported her rear door was kicked in while she was away for the day. The resident reported that a file draw size floor safe was stolen from her master bedroom closet. The safe contained personal documents and jewelry.

On Wednesday, Aug. 1 a resident of Siloam Road reported that her rear bedroom screen was cut open and a garbage pail was moved to gain access into the window. It is believed that the actor(s) did not gain entry into the residence and were possibly scared off by a large dog inside the residence.

Both residences are in a rural section of the township with no close neighbors and a large wooded area behind them. Police believe that these incidents have occurred during the daylight hours.

Homeowners in the area are reminded to lock all windows and doors, set their alarms, and call the police if they see anyone suspicious in the area. It is also suggested that residence have family members, friends, or neighbors check on their house during the day if they plan on being out.

If anyone has information on the above incidents they are asked to call Detective Daniel Valentine of the Freehold Township Police Department at 732-294-2110.

[source: Freehold Patch]

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