Let's ditch the tech talk, here are all the basics you need to know about the new iPad3.


  • They go on sale March 16.
  • Prices start at $499 for the Wi-Fi model, $629 for the model with cell access. The new iPad will be faster with 4G speed.
  • This iPad is 4 times faster than the iPad 2.
  • The iPad 3 is being nicknamed "iPad HD." The clarity of most HDTV's is 1920x1080 in terms of resolution. The iPad 3's resolution is 2048x1530. In other words, this iPad is really, really high-def.
  • A new tab has been added to the keyboard. Press a button and users can dictate texts, e-mails.
  • The new and improved camera has been added. It's the same camera on the iPhone 4S.