I looked up the Osteria and the Italian translation is simply "restaurant" and that is exactly what is coming to Toms River...an Italian restaurant and we are excited!

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Italian food is of course a favorite of so many. Is there a time when we don't love Italian food? Being from a bland Irish family...and by bland, I mean good food but usually meat and potatoes. If you had the same upbringing you know what I mean. Pot roast and potatoes etc nothing with many colors or spice lol and before you protest I love Mom's pot roast more than most foods so relax lol I am simply making a comparison between the food I grew up with and now the food I enjoy.

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Being married now for 30 years I have come to know good Italian food. My wife April grows her own tomatoes in her garden and then makes her own "gravy" "red sauce" from scratch...a recipe handed down from her Mom. So I have been introduced over the last 30 years to color and spice :) So I know fully know and enjoy all kinds of Italian food and enjoy it every time. By the way, I still have time for Mom's pot roast and I never met a potato I didn't like...my favorite food.


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Back to our topic L'OSTERIA coming to Toms River. I spotted a post on Instagram by the @shoppesathoopertr who I follow and they posted a photo of the sign announcing "coming soon". The L'OSTERIA sign says "authentic modern Italian restaurant". The responses were all positive and we can't wait to go sample this new eatery :)

No word on when L'OSTERIA opens, but we will keep you posted when it opens here in Ocean County at the Shoppes at Hooper in Toms River


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