A local Facebook Group told me that a local business could be opening a second location in Toms River.

Is a new business coming to Toms River?

I was scrolling through the "What's Going There in Monmouth and Ocean Counties" group on Facebook and saw that an exciting new (or possibly relocated) business will be opening in Toms River.

A user named Doug Easterly was able to snag some pics of "Cathy's Diner and Bakery" that's coming to Route 166.

Is this new business related to Cathy's Ristorante?

It seems very likely but hasn't been announced for sure. A little snooping in the comments told me that this may be the same Cathy's Ristorante in the Kmart Shopping center on Route 37. Someone hinted that this may be a 2nd location or even a reopening. I also checked the website for Cathy's Ristorante, and the logo matches the one in the construction pictures.

Where on Route 166 will Cathy's Diner and Bakery Open?

Cathy's Diner and Bakery is set to open a little past Corinne Jewelers, and next to the car wash, across from the Crossroads Shopping center where the Hana Sushi & Steakhouse and Roy Rogers used to be.

You can see the location where Cathy's Bakery & Diner will be coming below.

Credit: Google via Google Maps
Credit: Google via Google Maps

What kind of food will Cathy's Diner & Bakery be serving?

There is no trace of a menu for Cathy's Diner and Bakery yet, but judging by the name, we can assume it'll be a hot spot for breakfast food and diner favorites. The menu for Cathy's Ristorante is strictly Italian food, so maybe this will be a second location with diner favorites!

Check out the construction photos below! Special thanks to Doug Easterly on Facebook for giving me permission to use them.

Look: Cathy's Diner & Bakery Coming to Rt. 166 in Toms River

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