There have been whispers about "an extended Summer" for weeks at the Jersey Shore and now it looks like it may actually happen....and I am thrilled because we need this.

In Seaside Heights, town officials are hoping to continue beach badge sales and have lifeguards remain on duty not only through Labor Day Weekend, but until mid-October!

It sounds like other New Jersey beach towns are thinking about following their lead so technically, this means that Summer could last for an extra month and a half this year!

And no surprise here: Restaurant, hotel and rental property owners are on board since they all basically did little to no business in April, May and June.

THAT is why we need to make sure that this Summer extension happens. Our local businesses are hurting and June -- one of their biggest revenue months -- was a wash. That money has to be made up somewhere.

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May I also point out that short-term rentals are still extremely popular right now at the Jersey Shore and for multiple reasons.

The first reason: A lot of school districts are starting their school year completely virtual which means kids can attend class, learn and do their homework wherever they are.

So why not keep the family down at the Jersey Shore for a bit longer? That's what I would do....

Seaside Heights boardwalk
Seaside Heights boardwalk (Bud McCormick)

The second reason: Business was basically nonexistent in June so people are still in Summer mode to make up for lost time. Rentals are thriving for the next month or two so basically, September is the new August this year.

If rentals are thriving, that means that a massive amount of visitors are at the Shore and we need lifeguards and other Shore staff to keep everything running smoothly.

I know we all look forward to local Summer as a calmer time of year at the Jersey Shore but 2020 is clearly going to be a year unlike any other.

So let's just suck it up, enjoy the extra business and human interaction.

So, if businesses are in need of the extra revenue....let's extend Summer.

If people need a little bit more sunshine...let's extend Summer.

So....let's go get new bathing suits because it is not just everyday that Summer is extended and we need to be prepared to look the part.

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