It is about that time once again....time to change your Facebook AND Instagram password to protect your account.

Facebook released a statement on Thursday and I can't say I am with the technology lingo of how all that stuff on the back end works, but according to Facebook president Pedro Canahuati, "user passwords were being stored in a readable format within our internal data storage systems." 

Apparently this issue affects millions of their users and has me lead to believe that our account passwords are visible to the public if people know how to look for them, right?

WRONG -- Pedro cleared it up that these passwords were only visible to the employees of Facebook so basically this is a precaution to cover their own butts.

But either way, I would change your password just to be safe because just think of the damage that can be done if the wrong person gains access.

If you don't want to change your password, Facebook also recommends that you can enable a security key or a two-factor authentication.

Take a look at for the original article and good luck out there in the social media world.

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