Father's Day is just a few days away so if you do not know what you are getting him....you may want to start to panic.

Okay just kidding... not panic...but maybe proactively start hunting for a gift.

So let's see...what are some of the perfect Father's Day gifts that are perfect for the Dads of the Jersey Shore? I did some digging and here is what I came up with.

Golf Gear 

I don't know about you but my dad lives, eats, sleeps, and breathes golf so it is only natural that this category makes the list. Does he need new golf balls, gloves, shoes, or clubs? Then get on it! Or maybe the chance to play on an elite course!

Beer Accessories 

I am not the biggest fan of just handing someone alcohol if they are a lush, but useful accessories for this Summer so they can enjoy a nice beverage would be perfect! How about a  mug designed to keep the beer cold in the heat or a plastic set of glasses and a pouch that is perfect to bring onto the beach?!


Do you live with Mr. Fix It? Well those tools will eventually wear themselves out so a brand new set of tools for a Dad could be viewed as a new set of toys if he likes to build and fix and all that.


Every father loves to show off their children so whether it be a professional portrait or selfie taken off of your cellphone and put into a frame, it is the perfect gift that is personalized, thoughtful, and one that he will get tons of use out of.

Family Excursion 

So here is the thing, whenever I ask my Dad what he wants for Father's Day, his response is NOTHING. (I know, super annoying) So, instead of giving him a physical gift to unwrap the next best idea could be a family adventure where the time he spends with you itself is the gift. Maybe a brunch, picnic on the beach, professional game, or day-long cruise all depending what you father's interests are.

So, did I miss anything obvious? Comment below!

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