Here they are! The Cheapest gas in Ocean County.

It seems like a strange thing, summer is over and gas prices are still on the rise in New Jersey and across the country. Gas prices are more than $1 per gallon high than they were last year.

10 Places To Get The Cheapest Gas In Ocean County, NJ

Thank you to for the gas prices in Ocean County. The average price of a gallon of regular gas in New Jersey last week was up a couple of cents from two weeks ago at $3.25. Last year, believe it or not, we were paying around $2.30 last year this time. In the country, in New Jersey, we are not the highest and we are not the lowest, according to We are second highest next to the west coast.

From, the gas prices were updated in the last 11 hours for most of the places. But, we know how quickly prices can change.

But, from a year ago we've gone up. In 2018 it was the highest we've ever seen at $4.11 for a regular fill-up. Wow, that's crazy, I think I do remember that.

If we were to look at the current average of regular gas, it's $3.27. Yesterday we were at an average of $3.26 in New Jersey. A week ago, regular gas would cost you $3.22 and a month ago regular gas would cost you $3.21. The 10 places for the cheapest gas are cheaper than $3.26.

So, I would love your help. If you get gas today, jot down the amount. If you see a little cheaper than $3.27 for regular, let me know, 

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