A hero knows what to do, they don't think, just act quickly and smartly to help save the day.

Firefighters and Police in Eatontown did just that and because of it, a 2-week old infant is alive today.

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The Eatontown Fire Department released a statement on Thursday taking us back to the night of September 13 when they were dispatched to the Lakeview Terrace apartments after multiple alarms went off in the complex.

One such alarm going off was a carbon monoxide detector and firefighters then found a leak one of the buildings.

As firefighters began looking for where it was setting off, evacuations of the building got underway.

That's when the Eatontown Fire Department says crews found a 2-week old infant who was unconscious and unresponsive after the child was exposed to carbon monoxide.

While paramedics were responding, firefighters and police in that area helped revive the baby and said that it was then in stable condition.

The paramedics brought the child to Jersey Shore University Medical Center for treatment and observation and things are looking good right now.

"We have been told the infants conditions continue to improve," The Eatontown Fire Department said in a statement. "A big thank you to the medics and Eatontown Police Department."

Hero's walk among us everyday.

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