This intersection is driving me crazy!

Especially now, as I sit in the passenger seat trying to offer words of wisdom to my son who has his permit and is practicing driving, I can't believe some of these intersections!

This is one of the weirdest and most frustrating, and it gets backed up with traffic day and night.

I'm talking about the intersection of Rt. 33 and Brighton Ave. where this intersection leads to the entrance of Rt.18.

This is such a bizarre intersection to begin with. If you are approaching from Rt. 33, heading east, and trying to get on Rt. 18 north, you have to bare right, then wait at the light to make a left onto Brighton Ave, at which point you must get in the middle or right lane to  cross over 33 and enter Rt. 18.

(Photo by Liz Jeressi)
(Photo by Liz Jeressi)

However, the cars coming at you from the other direction of the light take up all of the center and right lane spaces before you have a chance to get there, so if you have pulled into the middle of the intersection while the light is greet and are waiting to make a left but both lanes get filled, you are stuck 'blocking the box.' There is a never-ending line of cars that just keep whizzing into the lanes leading to Rt.18 and you barely get a chance to go.

Conversely...if you are approaching the Rt. 18 north entrance from the other side of that intersection (Sylvania Ave.), especially at night, it is equally important to know that if you haven't done this a ton of times, you MUST make a right (or left) at that light to get onto Rt. 33/18 or Brighton Ave....otherwise you will get in a head-on collision  with the cars coming from the other direction since there is a big, fat DO NOT ENTER sign there. Scary for a mom in the passenger seat trying to get her new, permit-carrying teen to understand and remember all of this on the first few tries.

We have such crazy intersections (and circles, which you will hear me complain about again soon) in NJ...coupled with such insane drivers where everyone just wants to get ahead with complete disregard for others. Makes me want to get the hell out of this state (as the curse words come flying out of my mouth). Meanwhile I am just trying to keep me and my son, well, ALIVE out there on our crazy roads.

What intersection causes you the most stress?

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