If you like to read and hear stories about people who mistreat their digestive systems and eat a lot of food fast, you've landed in the right place.

A guy nicknamed "Goat" was in Ocean City a couple months ago, and he was there for a rather odd reason. Not to enjoy "locals summer", a walk on the boardwalk, or to people watch. Nope. He was there to practice some speed eating.

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Goat - does it really matters what his real name is at this point? - was in Ocean City to try to consume a 26' inch pizza from Three Brothers Pizza on the Ocean City Boardwalk.


Good question.

Apparently Goat, as far as I can tell based on his Facebook page, likes to travel across the country and participate in various restaurants' eating challenges. You know, "Eat this 96 inch steak in less than an hour and get a free t shirt" kind of challenge.

His Facebook page and his YouTube page documents such efforts.

As far as I can tell, Goat is either real new at this, or he's not very good at this.  According to his Facebook page, he's only won 17 such restaurant challenges, and his YouTube page only has 587 subscribers.

That all brings us to why his was in Ocean City. Goat says he was on the boardwalk not to DO a challenge, but to PRACTICE for a challenge.

PRACTICE? Allen Iverson would be proud!

So, without further ado, let's check out Goat in Ocean City:

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