The Jersey Shore's Best Grandma Margherita Pizza
I am a nosey local radio personality always looking for things to write and talk about. I might have had my eyes closed, It might have looked like I was sleeping in my beach chair, but I was eavesdropping on every conversation around me. Luckily, my phenomenal eavesdropping abilities helped me find …
Monmouth County Pizza Ranked One Of The Best In The World!
We always hear about how amazing New York pizza is and don't get me wrong, it's the gold standard. However, Jersey pizza and New York pizza are one in the same and we are FINALLY getting our GLOBAL props. Two New Jersey pizzerias have taken the top spots on which ranks t…
Spicy?! The Jersey Shore's Best Thin Crust Pizza Is Made In Brick
I love pizza and I love surprises! On Saturday, after my Asbury Park Boardwalk show, I made my way to a cornhole tournament in Wall Township. The 18 person tournament was happening in my best friend's backyard. Unfortunately, it wasn't the best tournament because of the rain and an argumen…
Why is Dave Portnoy Avoiding The Shore's Best Pizzerias
"El Presidente" aka Dave Portnoy of Barstool Sports has become famous for reviewing pizzerias throughout the country. This week he hit the Jersey Shore four times while avoiding the best we have to offer. Why? Let's investigate.

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