There are so many of us living in the Garden State.

We must like it. Or it's where we have our roots. Family lives here and maybe you grew up here.

What are some reasons you love New Jersey? My daughter was born here. I was married here and have lived in different areas of New Jersey. I love where I live in Ocean County.

There has to be so many reasons why we love New Jersey. I know we all love where we live but there are so many negatives about New Jersey. But, this is home to all of us.

Maybe it's the food, we have the best food. Is it the beaches and the boardwalks? Yes, absolutely, the beaches have to make the list. I know, I know the traffic, especially in the summertime is not fun in New Jersey, and we have a lot of traffic.

But, we're close to everything. We're close to New York and Philadelphia. It's easy to pick up a train or a bus and head into the city. Maybe, it's the diners. We all have that special diner that we go to all the time.

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To me we have this beautiful package all wrapped up in one.

Here are the10 best reasons to live in New Jersey, chosen by you. (There are so many more reasons than 10, but here are the "big" reasons, we love our Garden State so much.)

#1 - Diners - We are the home to the most diners in the nation. And, they are the best.

#2 - The Jersey Shore - The best asset is the Jersey Shore. We have the best beaches and boardwalks.

#3 - Pizza - It's sort of like the diner, we all have our favorite Pizza place in New Jersey. Boardwalk pizza at the Jersey Shore is the best pizza in the world.

#4 - Kohr's / Kohr's Bros. Ice Cream - The orange and vanilla twist is to die for. They're ice cream is the best, great choice.

#5 - Cape May - Yes, it's a part of the Shore, but it's a gem. It's a favorite for all of us.

#6 - Wawa - Wawa is everywhere around the Garden State, but South Jersey there are so many Wawa's. New Jerseyans need our Wawa.

#7 - Farm Markets - From Jersey tomatoes to our blueberries, they are the best right here in the Garden State.

#8 - Small Towns - What makes up a small town? If the population is 5,000 and under, it's a small town. More than half the municipalities in New Jersey have a population of 5,000 and under, according to njcom.

#9 - Wineries & Craft Breweries - We have some of the best wineries and breweries here in New Jersey, and I love the ones close to the Jersey Shore.

#10 - New Jersey School System - Keep Reading: New Jersey's School System is #2 in America.

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