Congrats to the Jersey Shore because your voice was heard LOUD AND CLEAR!

Dan Doleh, co-owner of Food Emporium in Marlboro, just recently announced that he will be lowering the prices for more than 30,000 items that are stocked in his grocery store.

Food Emporium opened up back in May and is already struggling so Doleh is listening to customer feedback to have a chance at staying inb usiness.

"Now is the time where we really need to get this right," Doleh said. "Right now, we're digging."

The grocery store is located at Route 79 and Newman Springs Road and offered residents of Marlboro and Colts Neck a local grocery store. So the fact that people are avoiding this location for a full grocery shopping despite the fact that it is the most convenient location means something had to change.

"I think ultimately our problem is the pricing and that is why I have all these people from the corporate office to help us severely reduce all the prices," said Doleh. "We are just making things a lot more competitive where we weren't."

To set themselves apart, Food Emporium also offers a juice bar and coffee bar with seating, a massive amount of prepared food, and a bakery.

Hopefully, this is the fine tuning that the store needs to be successful!

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