It is so amazing to see so many different initiatives to help others set up less than 24 hours after Tropical Storm Isaias ripped through the Jersey Shore.

So now if you are in need of fresh produce because all of yours spoiled during the power outages, Asbury Park is the place you will want to be.

It is required that you wear a face mask to attend but you will not need ID or to register to take advantage. It is up for grab for anyone in need.

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But with that being said, this offer is a first come first serve set up. So if you are in need of produce, the earlier you arrive the better.

Thank you to Farmers Against Hunger and our local law enforcement for helping to put together this Jersey Shore event to help those in need.

If you know of any other initiatives that are happening at the Jersey Shore to help those in need after Tropical Storm Isaias, please email me at Nicole.Murray@townsquaremedia so we can help to get the word out.

Take a look at the original Tweet for this event HERE.

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Fresh NJ Produce for Pickup

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