Washington Township in Northern New Jersey just implemented the new "Washington Township Saves Lives" program that will provide those that drank a bit too much with a free uber ride home.

There are designated bars and restaurants that choose whether or not to take part and payment is being collected through local contributions towards the cause.

Um....Are you kidding me?

I am all for promoting a healthy and safe environment but this is going a step too far.

Part of being an adult and going out is to:

A: Make arrangements so that if you are going to drink, you are not driving home.
B: If you are going to go out and indulge, you need to be prepared to be able to pay for such luxuries including getting yourself home.

If people are going out and cannot afford their bar tab and an uber, they should not be going out.

I know this issue needs a light shined on it but this is holding adults' hands.

Tell me, do you agree?

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