A few days ago, we told you that Freehold Borough announced a plan that they would start implementing paid meter parking throughout the downtown area.

Well, the town literally just pulled a "GOTCHA!" -- sort of.

The plan has been placed on hold because the town wants to discuss the pluses and minuses of paid parking with the businesses in the area.

And of course, residents did not hesitate to let the town know that they would not happy if this plan were carried out.

"If you expect the residents within the town to pay for it, I'm not sure that's right," said Barry Fisher, who owns a commercial building downtown. "It is a tough decision, and I'm glad I'm not mayor."


"I have a nephew in business now. If it were up to him, we'd be out of here already," said Anthony Braica, owner of La Cipollina restaurant. "I don't want that. That's my opinion. I like the town."

There is no set timeline of when this issue will be readdressed but you know we will update you once the information pours in.

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