So....Freeholders....just picture $200,00. What would you spend it on?

Well, it looks like you will be given the chance to decide because the Freehold Borough Council is offering $200,000 for its second annual participatory budgeting program.

What does that mean?

Basically, Freehold is giving its residents the chance to vote on how the community will spend part of the budget that is available. The next council meeting is tonight at 7:00 PM to launch the second round of proposals!

"The kickoff is designed to get the public thinking, get them involved and present their ideas," Griffiths said.said Councilman Ron Griffiths. "[It's] the same 10 to 15 people who make most of the council meetings. There's no reason we couldn't have more people there if they could bring to us their problems or their ideas."

So get to thinking! What do you want to see the money spent on?

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