You have heard me lament about this awful, humid weather and the toll it takes on my hair. This is a drastic before-and-after...check out the photos!

My hair was an absolute disaster as soon as the humid weather of summer kicked in. I couldn't stand myself. My hair had to be tamed by shoving a baseball cap on top of it, or by keeping it in braids.

This 'before' photo was actually taken on a day of low humidity, but the damage was already done. My hair turns dry, brittle, frizzy, and gets bloated and fat by the summertime humidity here at the shore. It truly disgusts me.

(The Liz Frizz...before photo, courtesy of Liz Jeressi)

But I got this amazing Cezanne smoothing treatment from my awesome hairdressers at Styling Company on Main Street in Belmar. What a crazy can see how straight and silky it came (and this treatment only takes an hour or's not made with formaldehyde and you don't have to leave it in for a couple of days) and it still holds curls perfectly, even though it is now super smooth.

I blow-dried it yesterday in the 100% humidity and then went outside...without even a hat....and it STILL LOOKS SMOOTH AND SILKY AND INCREDIBLE! It's truly a dream come true. I didn't have to fight my hair while drying dried quick and smoothly and was truly a pleasure to work with.

(After smoothing, before curling, photo by Styling Company and Liz Jeressi)

Thanks SOOOOOOOOOO much Lea, Chelsea, Mattea, and Arianna at Styling Co. I am truly always and forever grateful. Now, instead of feeling horrible about my hair, I can really enjoy the summer!