Get ready for your gas bill to go up.

As of today, New Jersey Natural Gas has been approved by the State Board of Public Utilities to increase their rates so they can pull in an additional $62.2 million per year. This money will be used on utility's operations maintenance and infrastructure investments and profits.

It looks the cost increase is going to equate to about 10%.

So for example, a household who uses 100 therms per month originally would have cost $104.61. With the rate increase, it will now cost $114.65.

“We believe this settlement is reasonable, fair and in the best interests of our customers and our company,” said Steve Westhoven, president and chief executive officer of New Jersey Natural Gas.

So yes, it does always suck whenever our utility bills increase.

BUT, the extra money that they will pull in from this increase will benefit us in the long run. They will use it so things run smoother and we will see the value of our money returned.

Or who knows, they may even find a way for us to have to use less gas to heat our homes!

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