As I write this on August 10th, the national average for gas sits at about $4.01.

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More specifically, New Jersey's average gas price is $4.24.


While it is a big relief compared to $5.15 per gallon, I still consider these numbers to be extremely expensive. I don't know about you but my wallet is HURTING.

What if I told you there was a way to get FREE gas? And yes, it would be legal.

According to, American Red Cross is giving all who donate blood the chance to win free gas for a year!! That is a $6,000 value!

You have to donate during the month of August to be eligible.

If you donate with Red Cross, you will also receive a $10 e-gift card.

Give blood
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This contest was put together due to the blood and platelet shortages seen happening across the country.

Other organizations are working to offer incentives so people donate during the Summer - which usually sees the least amount of donations all year.

Robert Wood Johnson will host $100 raffles at all of their blood drives while RWJBarnabas Health will give anyone who donates blood a $10 gift card. Anyone who donates blood platelets will get a $20 gift card.

Fun fact: blood platelets are used for cancer patients, trauma injuries and transplants. Hospitals use them often and in dire situations -- that is why blood platelet shortages are so scary.

Blood Donors Making Donation In Hospital


“We’re still catching up from shortages,” said Sally Wells of Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital's Blood Donor Center according to “Access to blood for transfusion is critical to hospitals’ ability to treat urgent and planned surgical procedures and chronic illnesses.”

Free gas for a year is a HUGE incentive and I hope you enter to win the second you donate.

However, there are a lot of Americans who are eligible to donate blood and just simply don't.

Maybe this will be the push needed to restock supplies for those who need it most.

When you are done donating, here are some places to try to get that blood sugar back up:

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