Remember the days when $20.00 cash could almost fill your gas tank?

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At this neither.

Pumping gasoline fuel in car.
Natnan Srisuwan

I know...I know....I KNOW!

You are sick and tired of talking about New Jersey's skyrocketing gas prices. I am too.

So I hope you know that I would only bring up the topic again if it was truly worth it.

I finally have some good news...or decent share.

Gas station with clouds and blue sky

According to, officials have proposed a new bill to help make the cost of gas more affordable.

It hasn't been given the green light just yet but I will give you all the information and you decide if you like this idea or not.

Let's take a look:

News On Gas Prices & Gas Tax In New Jersey

Gas prices are sky high these days so to help the public, leaders are suggesting a significant cut in gas tax per gallon. Let's take a look:

Listen....I know the sound of saving 28 cents per gallon doesn't sound like a lot.

But it's something! Let's do the math.

Fuel pump payment kiosk

We already worked out how much it would cost for a smaller car, larger vehicle and a truck to fill their tanks when gas costs $4.30 per gallon.

Here's a reminder:

Car (12 gallons) - $51.60

Larger Vehicle (16 gallons) - $68.80

Truck (25 gallons) - $107.50

Those numbers are not pretty.

Now let's pretend this new bill was passed and approximately 28 cents is taken off the total cost of gasoline per gallon....aka $4.02.

Aaron Savage, Townsquare Media
Aaron Savage, Townsquare Media

Now let's run the numbers again:

Car (12 gallons) - $48.24

Larger Vehicle (16 gallons) - $64.48

Truck (25 gallons) - $100.75

When you look at the numbers side by side, there is no more than $7 or $8 bucks difference...but at the rate these prices are increasing, I will take it.

Everything is more expensive and every dollar counts. I don't think we should dismiss anything that could save us some cash.


All depending on how often you drive -- whether it be for work or play -- saving even just $6 bucks every time will rack up in no time.

So I am rooting for this bill!

Once you fill up and drive off, here is just a heads up on where to use more caution while using this oh so expensive gasoline:

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