We are less than two weeks away from Christmas morning which means bring on the wrapping paper!

But if not done in an organized fashion, gift wrapping can honestly become a bit of a nightmare. So check out some of these tips and gadgets that will make the whole experience easier!

1. Double Sided Tape

Not only does it have a stronger hold, but you can place the double sided tape out of sight for a cleaner looking wrapping.

2. Rotary Cutter

Avoid the cuts and scratches using a regular pair of scissors and use this cutter to get a cleaner and straighter cut. Want your presents to look professionally wrapped? This is step 1.

3. Color Coordinated Wrapping

Do you have multiple Christmas parties to attend? Maybe multiple kids to wrap gifts for? Color coordinating will make you organized for all that is to come this holiday season.

4. Gift Wrapping Station

There are too many tools and too much of a mess to try and just throw together a gift wrapping station. It keeps everything in one, out of reach and safe spot and can make the entire process neater.

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