My commute lately has been crazy dangerous. Mostly because some people  have no idea how to drive in the snow.  I mean, you've seen them whipping past you like they're a Nascar driver without a care in the world.  Driving well in the snow is a different skill and if someone was never taught as a young driver how to handle snow and ice they may just be part of the problem just sayin'. I wanted to share some things that could save your life, especially as you drive defensively for the rest of the winter.

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Overconfidence is deadly when it comes to driving in inclement weather. Go slow even if you think you don’t have to. I know this is basic, but the semi that almost rear ended me yesterday on the way home should get a refresher.

Go smoothly with that wheel!  The second you jerk the wheel even a little you “un-glue" your wheel’s traction to the snow/road and that’s when you spin.

Stay far, far away from the guy ahead of you. I know in Jersey we worry about someone laying on the horn all the time but in this case don’t. Control your car by staying 10 car lengths away from the driver ahead of you so there is reaction time.

Your what?  Let’s say you are doing everything right and you still end up skidding out. It’s hard, but don’t panic. Be in the moment and make sure you look where you want to go and not where you are currently going. Race car drivers swear by that trick, it’s why they rebound so well.  When you are skidding, don’t hit the brakes! Ease off the gas and the front will correct itself.  If you are starting to spin because your back wheels are on a slick spot then you have to turn the same direction that you are spinning. This way, you finish a smooth spin, although scary, it is better than flipping which happens if you resist.

Leave time and focus and don't get flustered by anyone else. Be safe out there...summer will be back soon enough!

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