My Terrifying Accident On The GSP Could Have Been Tragic
I can't thank God enough for the protection we were given in the very final seconds of what could have been the most tragic thing to ever happen in our family. I was driving home from the beach with by 16 year old daughter, Bella, in the passenger's seat. It was a wonderful family day of swimming that wore her out so she was sleeping peacefully as I drove home. What came next was the loudest bang we have ever heard and if you ask me, it was also the sound of angels putting themselves in front of my daughter and a giant hunk of flying metal.
Hefty Distracted Driver Fines Begin In Red Bank, New Jersey
Officers from the Red Bank Police Department are giving us a big warning to not to be distracted while driving. Red Bank applied for grant money to launch the "UDrive, UText, UPay" law enforcement campaign and it comes with hefty fines. It's no April Fools joke, on April 1st the crack down is on!
New Jersey This Will Save Your Life
My commute lately has been crazy dangerous. Mostly because some people have no idea how to drive in the snow. You've seen them whipping past you like they are a Nascar Driver without a care in the world. Driving well in the snow is a different skill and if you were never taught as a young driver how to handle snow and ice you may be part of the problem just sayin'.
Cool Futuristic Car Care Coming to Brick, New Jersey
I saw a GREAT meme that summed us up in Jersey perfectly. It said, "The second time I say, that's crazy during your story, that's your cue to wrap it up." I relate to that because yes, I care, but I'm busy so I'm a walk and talk type of girl. That's why I love this news for Brick. Soon you will be able to get a drive-through oil change right at Brick’s Bay Harbor Plaza shopping center. The new Valvoline Instant Oil Change will go up where Hardee’s fast food restaurant was supposed to be built but here is why it is so different.