I think we've all had nightmares about this happening at one point or another in our lives, but it actually happened to a Highlands woman.

NJ Advanced Media she was "exhausted from all the chaos," Claire fell asleep on a NJ Transit train and woke up to find everyone was gone and the train parked in a yard in Raritan Wednesday night. Here's the video she posted to Twitter.

According to NJ Advanced Media, Claire had a ticket for a North Jersey Coast Line station, but she got on a Raritan Valley Line train.

She tweeted:

the guy who checks tickets didn't even notice mine said Middletown.

The Highland native, with 5% battery left on her phone, called 911 and her parents. She was picked up shortly thereafter.

NJ Advanced Media says police blame Claire for the incident saying she should have "been responsible." A spokeswoman for NJ Transit said they are investigating and added:

It's extremely rare for this to happen. It is the conductor's responsibility to check the train.

Meanwhile, Claire says:

Honestly, I probably won't take the train again, I'm pretty horrified.

I don't think Claire is in the wrong here. The NJ Transit spokeswoman said it herself. It's the conductor's responsibility to check the train. There should be a full sweep of the entire train especially at the end of the night. The fact that she was on the wrong train is unfortunate but irrelevant. If the police did indeed say she was at fault because she wasn't being "responsible," that's ridiculous. However, if the situation was really so bad, she wouldn't have thought to tweet a video.

Who do you think is at fault, if anyone? Comment below.

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