One of Monmouth County’s most beloved cafes is closing its doors forever. The lights will go dim on Christmas Eve which means we have just under a month to come in, eat and say goodbye.

For some reason saying goodbye to a locally owned storefront, bar, or cafe stings.  I don't feel that way when a chain goes away. A place like this is personal because the people are ours.  They are like you and me and they decided to go after a dream.  Right away I respect that.

This place made us feel something just as much as it kept us fed.  It's like the difference between your mom making you homemade chicken soup with those little noodles you like vs. the school lunch lady tossing you a pre-made ham and cheese and telling you to keep it moving.  Nothing against lunch ladies, but those are very different experiences.

If you wanted to start your day right and feel the love then you got to know Vera, Cathy, and Charley. By now you’ve probably put together that it's Girls Cafe that is closing in Highlands.

Photo credit: Google Maps
Photo credit: Google Maps

I hate goodbyes. I still can’t watch the last episode of Cheers without a box of Kleenex.
So why are they turning off the grill for good? The rumor is, sisters Vera and Cathy are in need of some well-deserved sleep. I bet lots of us would be willing to serve them a hot cup of coffee as a thank-you for keeping the friendliest spot in town running for over a decade.

Sadly, we will have to look into other eateries and these diners and hot spots will be a decent detour when the time comes.

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